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Leaf on Canadian $20 is not really Canadian

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 10:56:59 (UTC)

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19 January 2013


Canadian money showing a foreign maple leaf

Ottawa, Canada -- The Bank of Canada has come under fire for the new design of the Canadian $20 bill. Many botanists have alleged that maple leaf shown is in fact from a Norway maple, rather than the Canadian maple.

"The Norway maple is a foreign invasive species," said one botanist, "It is downright silly to have foreign symbols on our currency. Canadian currency should have symbols of Canada, such as Canadian memorials, Canadian wildlife, Canadian statement, and our beloved Canadian British Queen. The foreign Norway maple has no place on our Canadian currency."

Other Canadians were even more offended. One angry Canadian said, "The Canadian $20 bill shows important Canadian symbols. It shows National Vimy Memorial and remembrance poppy, which are symbols of the Canadians who bravely died fighting for the British Empire during WWI. More importantly, the note is also the only that shows the Canadian head of state, the Queen of the United Kingdom. Such sloppy work would be bad enough if the bill showed a Canadian politician like John Macdonald with foreign symbols. But one should be much more careful with images of the Queen. As our de jure head of state, the British Queen is the living representative of all Canadians and Canada."

Many Americans were confused by deference shown to the monarchy. One Canadian politician scientists explained, "In a modern constitutional monarchy, like Canada, the monarch is a living representative of the nation. She is also most as sacrosanct in Canada and her other realms as the American flag is in America. Putting an image of a foreign maple leaf next to our Queen would be like putting a steppe eagle, instead of a bald eagle, on the American flag."

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