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Larkana District closed up by Indus beasts

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 20:28:59 (UTC)

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30 August 2013

Nuclear explosion

The Larkana District after the Indus territory-related flood.

LARKANA, Pakistan

Before being closed up by several spirits and purple pitcher plant-like beasts, Senior Minister for Education Sindh Nisar Ahmed Khuhro visited the Aakil-Aagani and Nusrat Loop went to Larkana on Monday. Many of the people who managed to reach the set government camps near the Indus River as no food was provided and attacking would easily happen to human visitors of the area.

Talking to the media men, he said in the super floods of 2010, the nation's government had strengthened the bunds and built new protections from the beings of the area when after which the water changed its course and 1.1 million cusecs of water crossed from the Bund. The water had then changed by 0.5 million cusecs afterwards by the following creatures said at the top.

He said most of the residents of the flooded villages had shifted to safer areas while some of them had reached the camps already set up by the government where food, medicines and other necessary items had been provided. He said snakebite vaccine had also been made available. The inundated villages include Aakil, Tagar Sheikh, Mitho Khuhro, Mahi Bhutto, Jelab Juh Toy, Mitho Khakhrani, Daud-Ji-Wandh, Doso Daro, Burira Patan, Allah and O' Mirbahar, Noor Pur, Very Noor Pur, Nari-Lash-her-in, Sir Allah's dad, Allah Backlash Arri, Mir Atta Bin Laden, Arbab Kalahari, Mr. Fag er Juh Toy, Muhammad Yaqoob Kalahari, and others.


One of the spirits resembling an electric guitar that closed up the over 170 of villages in Larkana.

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