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Lance Armstrong cast as Loki

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 22:50:59 (UTC)

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27 January 2013


Armstrong as Loki, god of lies

Hollywood, California, USA Marvel Studios announced today that they are re-casting the role of Loki for Avengers 2. Tom Hiddleston is out, and Lance Armstrong now takes his place as Loki. This is common for Marvel Studios, who once dropped Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in favor of someone less likely to give children nightmares. This time around, it seems Tom Hiddleston hand picked his replacement. Hiddleston was quoted saying " Lance is Loki, he was born to play this role". Everyone at Marvel seems enthusiastic about this shift. It seems Loki will have a big role in the sequel, demanding lots of physical stuns. Which Armstrong will have no problem doing. "It just saves money" said Kevin Feige, producer of the fils. as they don't have to hire on stuntmen for Armstrong, who is training to perform all his on stunts.

Comic book fans are clamoring for the direction the new films may go, which is nothing new, they never shut up about it. To appease the nerds and fan the flames on internet forums, Joss Wheddon, the director has teased at the ideas, saying;

"Lance is great, we're happy to have him on board. We want Loki to be someone that's brave and can fool the audience. Lance is just perfect, he's fearless, he'll say anything to anyone, and that takes balls, and he does it with one"

We reached Lance Armstrong for a comment and he said "I'm not going to be in Avengers 2." It seems he's gotten into character already.

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