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Lakers Win NBAC (Nobody Actually Cares)

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 15:14:59 (UTC)

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18 June 2008


A beaming Kobe Bryant meets the Press.

Boston, MA. In what was considered one of the closest NBA Finals games of the week, the Los Angeles Clippers managed to squeak by the Boston Celtics for a NBA title win. As the Clippers continue to dominate the world of professional basketball (i.e. North America), many wonder if and when any other teams will ever, ever have even the smallest chance of winning a title. Team Captain Kobe Bryant shared a few words after the final skirmish:

"Things in Boston weren't going well for us at first. We finished the fourth quarter of the game down by 40 points. We headed back to the hotel, got our belongings, and flew back to Los Angeles. Upon our arrival, we immediately boarded the Laker Bus to the Staples Center, where we finished out the game in the fifth quarter with a 3 point lead at the buzzer to take the title. I'm proud of my teammates for their season of hard work and look forward to next year's season."

Fighting back tears, Phil Jackson said little: "Gah gah. Gah-gah ga-ga." All present were speechless.

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