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Labor's new campaign: A new line of shirts

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Sunday, March 25, 2018, 03:41:59 (UTC)

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8 November 2007

Krudd-07 shirt

"... that's why we'd got her as a backbencher in the first place anyway," states an ALP campaign strategist.

(Sydney, AUSTRALIA) An official press release on Australian Labor Party's (ALP) MySpace page reveals that there will be a new line of "Kevin '07" T-shirts available for ALP campaigners. Following the launch of the initial "Kevin '07" apparel in August, the source states that the garment "simply proves to be too under-designed and dull".

"The feedbacks from the fashion industry were largely negative," continues the source. "The design, initially conceived by Mr. Rudd, was much like the appearance of the designer himself, which is summarily underwhelming."

The announcement was further confirmed by an ALP campaign strategist at an interview on 2CH.

"The only reason that we gave this hideous tee a go was that we just didn't have any other alternative back then," he stated. "I looked at that monstrosity of a T-shirt, shook my head, and one of my colleagues was like, 'Stuff this!' He went off with the top and sent it straight away to Member of Adelaide. Believe it or not - she looks good in just everything! Well, that's why we'd got her as a backbencher in the first place anyway."

Despite its "yet to release" status, the new series of campaign T-shirts has stirred much debates on the Internet. One argues that the new line's striking similarities with Calvin Klein's collection is a clear indication that ALP "has sunk to such a new low that it just can't help with its 'me-too' attitude even when its comes to designing new tops, and this time it copied someone that is equally unoriginal and uninspiring, and his name is Calvin Klein."

In regard to ALP's new campaign tactic, Prime Minster responded to Alan Jones at a 2GB programme, "Umm... err... Look, unions!"

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