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Kundra calls for Uncyclopedia of political tomfoolery

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 15:29:59 (UTC)

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21 March 2010


Vivek Kundra calls for Uncyclopedia of political tomfoolery

WASHINGTON DC -- Vivek Kundra, the star of this story, told TMZ that he envisaged a world where anyone could "slice and dice" American political nonsense and share their results as parody. People can use the tomfoolery to create mashups and web applications to better carry out political parody on the Internet - a political tomfoolery Uncyclopedia.

"Imagine you have an Uncyclopedia for US politics where anyone of us can edit this nonsense and share it with our family, friends and fellow parody makers", he said. “The tool would allow anyone to explore government tomfoolery and see whether it was humorous or just plain stupid.”

Uncyclopedia of Political Tomfoolery is part of President Barack Obama's larger push to make the US government more open to ridicule and parody. It was launched in May 2009 by Mr. Kundra in an effort to "unlock" the vast databases held by the US government. It holds information on everything from misinformation and tomfoolery to BS and totally nonsense statistics (such as WMD).

For example, it has just launched BitchSpace - a joke website where people around the globe can submit their complaints on US politics. As soon as they click SEND the website crashes their PC – which most people find hysterically funny.

"Consider how much misinformation and bogus data the government has," Mr. Kundra said. "By democratizing we put tomfoolery in the hands of citizens so that they can read, edit, and change the way we enjoy humor.

The idea has been criticized by some, such as Vietnam’s "Mai lai massacre monster", William Calley, who feel that US government lies and tomfoolery should not be made accessible or ridiculed.

"We also have to be mindful that in no way do we violate the privacy of the important people who serve us or US national security for that matter." Concluded Kundra, with a sly grin.

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