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Kotaku posts rumor: Sony corporation has Kotaku blackballed

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 00:20:59 (UTC)

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2 March 2007

“Kotaku got it easy”
~ Lik Sang

THE INTERNETS-- Kotaku, an internet site devoted to any news or information concerning video games, posted a rumor earlier today detailing what may or not be a new feature for its recently released media supercomputer. The rumor was that in a weeks time, the PS3 will be updated with new features for free. The features were that gamers would be allowed to create a virtual world for customized avatars and then decorate that space with items unlocked through game play.

However, before posting the information the writer for this rumor page gave Sony the heads-up on what he was about to post. The following qoutes detail the conversation between Brian and Dave Cracker (head of PR for Sony) after Brians initial forwarding of the story to Dave.

Excuse me Brian, but I have to request insist that you DO NOT print that rumor on your web site. Rumors like those are quite stupid and publishing it now is just...a bad idea. Why not publish the rumor next week during our keynote at Atlanta? Anyway, if you do publish this rumor, we will not give your site access to interviews with our team, you won't be able to come to our press conference next week and no longer be invited to join the team at the Christmas parties.

Brians response to this:

What?! This is something I spotted browsing the internet for rumors, it was in a forum board and the actual poster was speculating about the PS3 copying features from other competitors.Dave, I'm posting it. Today. Right now.

Isn't the companies policy to not comment on rumor and speculation?

And Daves return:

Fine, be that way then Brian, all those things I warned you about are now in effect. I'm deeply sorry it had to come to this situation, but I had no choice and I really wish this could have turned out a different way.

P.S. We're taking back the PS3 we gave you last fall for reviewing our console titles too.

The Press conference next Tuesday will be at Atlanta, Georgia to announce Sony's 2nd Quarter plans and new games and features for the PS3. Hundred of media outlets (except for Kotaku) will arrive to cover it and criticize it for being boring and old news. Ken Kutaragi will not be making an appearance there, as he is currently in a psychiatric hospital in Japan where sources say he is being treated for an advanced case of hypocrisy.

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