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Kim Kardashian does a photoshoot, nobody cares

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 11:23:59 (UTC)

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19 January 2013


What the particular fuck is this?

Los Angeles, California -- Sources close to noted pregnant socialite Kim Kardashian have reported that she has done a "sexy" photoshoot for the Arabic language magazine "Hia."

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UnNews Senior Editors are currently lawyering up over this related article:

Kim Kardashian rejects $250,000 to document her pregnancy, demands $300,000

The response to photoshoot has been mixed. One man on street said, "Isn't she like pregnant or something? Nobody, at least not any normal people, wants to look at maternity photoshoots. I might care once she has the baby and gets her figure back in a year or so. Until then, I could not care less. Why don't you go ask some sort of pervert that likes that sort of thing?"

Taking the suggestion, our reporter decided to track down a pervert that likes that sort of thing to ask his opinion. "I really don't think this is newsworthy," said an anonymous pregnophile. "For one, you can't even tell that she is pregnant. I've bigger bellies due to menstrual bloating than Kardashian's current baby bump. What is the point of during a maternity photoshoot at that stage of pregnancy? If you are going to appeal to a niche market, then actually appeal to the niche market. Otherwise, all she is doing to scaring off 'normal' people. Jessica Simpson, for example, didn't advertise her pregnancy until she clearly pregnant."

"Second, what in holy hell is she wearing?" he continued, "I understand it for a Arabic language magazine, but, come on. Where is that considered 'sexy'? Lucile Ball wore more revealing maternity clothes back on I Love Lucy back in the days before people could even say 'pregnant' on TV. The news link clearly it was a, quote 'sexy', photoshoot. When I do a google search for sexy pregnant celebrities, is it too much to ask to see an exposed belly on occasion?"

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