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Justina Biba arrested for drag racing

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 19:57:59 (UTC)

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24 January 2014


MIAMI BEACH, Florida -- World-acclaimed Canadian transcontinental recording artist Justina Biba has been arrested for illegal "drag" racing here.

The transvestite tearaway was stopped by police whilst trying to drive down a deserted road in full make up and vivid eyeliner. Biba was stopped and pulled out of his car by gun-toting cops in case there was any trouble from the notorious troublemaker. Biba flashed his Canadian passport but was taken away for further questioning and a thorough strip search. Traffic Cop Jeb Bush said:-

"We saw him racing down the road in competition with another drag artist RuPaul but he/she got away. Biba asked if there any law about wearing women's clothing whilst driving a sports car. We said, 'sure.' Biba then attempted to sing but we used the taser on him to quiet the suspect down. We are used to trouble from the Cubans and drug gangs here, but Biba was difficult to calm down and stay still whilst we took photos of him and posted them on the police Twitter account."

Charged under his given name of Justin Bieber, the Canadian is expected to face serious charges for violating the local dress code. An officer claimed the Canadian singer had "bloodshot eyes," but chicks at concerts love this look. It is hoped this will stop his concert tour for a very long time. RuPaul later turned himself in and spent hours in the police cells for 'research' reasons.

News of Justina Biba's arrest was gratefully received by news agencies world-wide, the BBC website leading with it for hours. They said it made a welcome change from televising a lot of images of dead people from the Middle East.

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