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Jon Stewart to play John Stewart in upcoming Green Lantern movie

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 15:50:59 (UTC)

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20 December 2010


A photo of Jon Stewart on set in his costume.

BURBANK, California -- Jon Stewart, comedian and host of The Daily Show, is to make a cameo appearance as John Stewart in the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

The announcement--made at a press conference earlier this afternoon by Alan F. Horn, President of Warner Bros. Pictures--has already received much negative attention from both the nerd and black communities. John Stewart, known as "that black Green Lantern guy" to people who don't read comic books, has never before been portrayed in a live action film. Nerds and geeks worldwide, already outraged at the studio's decision to cast Ryan Reynolds as the movie's main character, Hal Jordan, have characterized today's announcement as yet another clue that Warner Bros. doesn't take the Green Lantern franchise even half as seriously as they do.

From the black community, outspoken civil rights activist, the Reverend Jesse Jackson has released a video on YouTube slamming both Warner Bros. and Jon Stewart for what he claims will be a "racist portrayal of an iconic black superhero." Rev. Jesse Jackson has been a vocal supporter of both John Stewart and the multiculturalism promoted by the Green Lantern Corps. for many years, and says that he is heartbroken that his favorite superhero will be portrayed by a white man. Neither Jon Stewart nor anybody at Warner Bros. could be reached for comment.

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