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John Carter 2 in works!

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Friday, March 16, 2018, 07:39:59 (UTC)

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11 April 2012


Saving money by rehashing the poster

Hollywood, CA, USA -- Disney has announced a sequel to the film John Carter. The movie is known to have cost the company over 200 million dollars in loss. It was widely considered to be a bomb. This isn't stopping Disney.

"it's about artistic integrity, not money. We want to do this book series justice, no matter the cost. We're happy with the quality of the movie, and we hope to maintain this with the sequels"

Disney has already started looking for ways to fund the projects. That's right, projects. They plan to film the rest of the 10 sequels back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back. Immortalizing all of Edgar Rice Burroughs' work in film. The cost is estimated to be over 5.4 billion dollars.

"we're going to have to make so many sequels to Cars" Andrew Stanton said, on the financial burden of creating the epic film Sagas.

With a new John Carter movie being released every 3 years, the final film in the saga won't be released till 2045. Disney says they're already planning to reboot the series in 2022, and they will have two concurrent John Carter series being released in theaters. These films will get the series back to its roots, being named after the original book "The Princess of Mars" Disney Producer had this to say. "We know we're already unfaithful to the source material, but we've laid the ground work and are moving forward, the reboot will stay close to it, and fans, if there are any, will appreciate the accuracies."

One fan actually is still alive. Greg Mercer, a 102 year old man, who read the first book during its initial printing, is very excited for these projects. We contacted him and he had this to say "I really enjoyed the movie, it was a bit cold in the theater, and some parts were too loud, but I had the place to myself, no one else was in there, it was great, I hope I can live long enough to see them finish the series!"

Analysts predict these movies could bankrupt Disney. Barring actually sending a film crew to mars, and discovering an identical civilization seen in the film, there's no way these movies will generate enough interest to fund themselves.

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