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Jimbo Wales accused of abusing his power at Wikipedia

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Sunday, March 25, 2018, 02:13:59 (UTC)

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5 March 2008


Jimbo Wales denies his abuse of power or that he is a dictator.

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Jimbo Wales is accused of abusing his power at Wikipedia and abusing the trust of the community. This is nothing new as he used his oversight powers to delete the article on his biological father Brian Peppers quite some time ago. Jimbo recently used his oversight powers to edit an article on a TV news reporter that turned out to be his mistress girlfriend from Fox News he had been cheating on his wife with, so it was not a Neutral Point of View, but rather one that favors her.

Then later Jimbo dumped his mistress via a blog post, and filed for divorce from his wife, citing trouble with women in his life. This is nothing new as Jimbo made sure that a lot of Wikipedia articles were written with a Liberal bias and ordered his Administrators to carry out the orders that every political and science article be written in the Liberal point of view. This is the very reason why Conservapedia was founded so that Conservapedia can write articles in the Conservative point of view to counter Wikipedia. Uncyclopedia on the other hand, was founded to write factual articles in a neutral point of view, and this upset both Wikipedia and Conservapedia because both have an allergy to the truth.

Regardless Jimbo had used money that was donated to the MediaWiki foundation for $1,300 steak dinners for four, as he took out some of his 12 to 15 year-old administrators to lunch as a reward for them banning Uncyclopedia members from Wikipedia and posting Jimbo's propaganda on Wikipedia for him. It seems that the whole bringing knowledge to Africa by printing out articles from Wikipedia and making books to solve all of Africa's problems was a big fat lie for Jimbo to get more money from his loyal members to fund his own selfish lifestyle. This is nothing new as Rusty Foster at Kuro5hin had done this before by founding the CMF and raising a lot of money, promising to manage Kuro5hin and get rid of the trolls and troublemakers by hiring moderators and editors to solve the problems. Eventually Rusty turned Kuro5hin into a pay site and charges new members $5 to activate their accounts. Rumor has it that Jimbo will create a system at Wikipedia to charge $5 to activate new accounts in a copycat get rich quick scheme.

Jimbo's spending spree was so bad, that his corporate credit card was taken away from him. Jimbo might have to actually create dummy corporations to funnel money into in order to fund his lifestyle now and fake the accounting of Wikipedia in the same way that Enron cooked their books and used dummy corporations to steal money from shareholders. Jimbo denies all the charges of abuse leveled at him, and the board of directors at Wikimedia also claim that Wales is innocent and that they are not sockpupets under his control or had been bribed by sexual favors or money in order to make a deal with Wales to hide his misconduct.

That the steakhouse expenses had been denied, and Wales wasn't reimbursed for them or any other expenses that Wales is charged with of making claim to or was accused of doing. Using their oversight powers, the Wikimedia board of directors decided to remove all references in Jimbo Wales' profile article that he did anything wrong, and locked it so only administrators can edit it. They also used oversight powers to delete all editing history done by Jimbo Wales, that might make it look like he did something wrong, which they claim he didn't do anyway.

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