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Some news is so fat it needs its own page.

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TEPCO takes a dump08:16, July 15, 2017
Japanese to drill to Earth's mantle00:42, April 22, 2017
Alfred Kahn's apology to the 4kids fans00:48, April 18, 2017
Japan13:32, July 16, 2016
Toyota recalls cars unable to steer left21:37, April 4, 2016
Tentacle Monster Raped by Schoolgirl21:37, June 15, 2015
Local fairy proclaimed strongest02:30, February 22, 2015
Takata management inappropriately calm20:12, November 30, 2014
A-bombs dropped on Japan awarded Nobel Peace Prize22:39, November 14, 2013
Proved: Japanese people "weird"21:45, June 17, 2013
Japan's plan to deliver on economy relies on coping with China20:27, December 16, 2012
Nobody cares the world ends in two weeks11:26, December 7, 2012
February follow-up04:55, December 2, 2012
Japan "trashes America," Palin says05:19, June 10, 2012
Wheelchair-bound grandmother rescued from Reactor No. 423:18, February 7, 2012
Japan's reconstruction minister resigns, all reconstruction stops06:24, January 21, 2012
Japan moves to prevent hot Asian chicks bubble07:26, January 13, 2012
Japanese girls heat up the Winter07:26, January 13, 2012
Entire Toyota Board Commits Hara-Kiri07:20, January 13, 2012
Emperor Godzilla tells nation not to panic07:19, January 13, 2012
TZOD UPDATE: S. Korea ravaged, N. Korea and Japan unaffected by Earth Hour06:24, January 13, 2012
Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor Again!18:54, January 3, 2012
Where the streets are paved with handjobs04:24, December 24, 2011
Japan launches first "anal" probe02:14, December 22, 2011
Update:US Marines did not blow on Japan nuclear reactor05:11, December 18, 2011
Kudlow: Everything's okay despite Japan devastation22:57, December 14, 2011
NEC hooks Billy Mays zombie contract17:53, December 14, 2011
Japanese to harpoon fat people instead of whales in effort to combat growing obesity23:28, December 13, 2011
Michael Jackson alive and living in Tokyo23:11, December 13, 2011
George W. Bush and Japanese Prime Minister invent a new secret hand-shake17:50, December 10, 2011
New Nikon Face Recognition Software Facilitates Photography of Colored Folks17:29, September 14, 2011
Poster of Britney Spears getting boned okay for Tokyo subway03:29, July 23, 2011
Many new superheroes appear in Japan08:06, April 27, 2011
Radiation opens hole to future Utopia for five minutes17:12, April 5, 2011
Fukushima 50 are green and very muscular01:38, April 2, 2011
Japan gives away free money22:25, October 6, 2010
Volleyballs to general banned12:37, May 23, 2009
JSDF recruits a goth loli, a schoolgirl and an idol singer in new special task force18:35, March 18, 2009
"Japanophiles" incensed by Japan's anti-obesity campaign18:40, June 15, 2008
Mothra looking forward to retirement09:49, April 27, 2008

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