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Israeli soldiers moon Facebook

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 19:44:59 (UTC)

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3 June 2013


Red-blooded, able-bodoed Israeli men: join the army and see the womb!

JERUSALEM, Israel – In a recruitment drive gone awry, female Israeli soldiers dropped the trousers of their camouflage battle dress uniforms to moon photographers. The soldiers were wearing thong panties, rather than military-issued skivvies, however, and, as a result, the photographer got quite an eyeful! So did the world at large, when the photographer posted the photograph of the soldier's bared behinds on the Israeli Army Facebook page.

The women have been “disciplined,” an unnameable source said, adding that “disciplined” is the Israeli army's euphemism for “spanked.” Each of the enlisted personnel received twenty swats of a paddle and were sent to their barracks without supper. “The next time you see their asses, they'll be red or black and blue.”

In another photograph that has not been posted--”I'm saving it for my own private collection,” the photographer revealed—the soldiers are shown wearing only their helmets as they fire grenade launchers and 81-mm mortars.

The soldiers' commanding officer, Benjamin Goodman, who asked to remain anonymous, said the Israeli army considers the soldiers' acts “unbecoming,” although, he admits, privately, that “their bottoms are quite comely.”

The soldiers say that they were “just trying to interest men” in joining the army's ranks. “Like American Marines,” one of the offenders quipped, “we need a few good men.”

General Goodman said that all of the soldiers involved in the incident have been reassigned to his personal staff “for intensive individual training” that he will conduct personally.

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