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14 December 2006

Irish car

There is nothing to worry about, everything is as usual here.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Africa has experienced a significant drying in the past three years, new satellite data reveals. The volume of water lost from the land amounts to 334 cubic km, which is almost as much as all Africans have consumed over the period.

The data comes from Nasa spacecraft that can detect changes in gravity caused by water as it cycles between the sea, the atmosphere and the land.

During the same period, the volume of water raining on Ireland amounted to approximately 334 cubic km, according to the same satellite data.

"Well, looks like an ordinary Autumn to me," commented Bertie Ahern, Irish Prime Minister, while watching the water pouring outside the Taoiseach building. "I mean, this is Ireland after all. We have those floods all the time."

Experts stress no firm conclusions should be drawn from the short study.

Charges against Ireland are pending.

Hundreds of thousands of thirsty Africans were unavailable for comment.

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