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Iran threatens to invade UnNews

Where man always bites dog

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 18:30:59 (UTC)

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9 May 2006

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edit Iran threatens to invade UnNews


An [1]award-winning pic from Uncyclopedia, which has no relation to this story except that this editor referenced Freud in his edit.

UnNews, Internet - Secret recordings made of Iranians meeting secretly has secretly revealed that they've been secretly planning to secretly attack the interwebs -- starting with the main site for uncovering its wicked ways, UnNews

When asked for an interview, Iranian spokesmen Allah was evidently "Not available for infidels", according to Bahá’í death squad member, Sigmund Freud. After he raked the lobby at the offices at Iran's official PodCast, The Farsi Parser, with machine gun fire, Dr. Freud took to the streets of Tehran, searching for babies to kill and eat.

We were, however, able to secretly ask admins of Uncyclopedia Commons of what comments they had on this secret situation -- Keitei had this to say: "Blahblahblah". That's what I think of it." Bradaphraser, on the other hand, muttered something about how he had excess flooding, and ran away before we could follow up with another question.

The secret attack is surely imminent, our secret sources tell us. Redundant Secrecy Analysts analysed the datum we've received from our sources' secret redundant secrecy sources.

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