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Iran claims to be first to invent Nuclear Think Tank

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21 October 2006

Tehran, IRAN -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed today his country is the first in the world to have developed a Nuclear Think Tank. Ahmadinejad claimed in a press conference that the Think Tank was capable of firing what were called "obfuscation ordnance", capable of causing clear thought to be blown away in human targets. The Iranian president claims that the Nuclear Think Tank will leave buildings and living things intact but turn human consciousnes into rubble. The increased confusion then makes it easy for the Iranian president to take over the hearts and minds of the population. He said that Nuclear Think Tanks can be deployed all over Iran, thus maintaining a constant level of unclear thinking in the population.

However, when pressed by journalists as to what tanks producing unclear thought had to do with anything Nuclear, Ahmadinejad was quick to point out that the only difference between unclear thinking and nuclear thinking was in the use of the U. N.


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