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15 August 2007


Billionaire Alan Monedake

A crazed tramp living on the streets of Barnsley has turned out to be Alan Monedake, a reclusive billionaire who went missing after suffering long term memory loss. Monedake, who lost his memory due to head injuries he sustained in a car crash, earned his fortune by floating his internet casinoes on the stock market.

Monedake stated he was still in shock I'm shocked, I was content being an ugly look weirdo on the streets, scrounging for pennies, but now I've got the world at my feet. All I remember is being a tramp so for this to happen is like a dream come true. I'm pinching myself, when I was told I said to the guy, lay off the glue fella

He remained modest throughout the interveiw, not commenting on what he plans to do with the money, I can't say I know what I'll do with all the cash, although I know what I'd like to do with the girlfreind I found out I got

Long term girlfriend Goldie Diggert was relieved if a bit surprised, I thought I'd never see Al again so I'm delighted. His time as a tramp has caused him to lose some of his rugged good looks but as long as he is rich I'll stick by him through thick and thin.

Ale showingMoreLeg

Girlfriend Goldie

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