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India to clean up 10 iconic areas

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 22:41:59 (UTC)

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23 June 2016

Taj Mahal

The decree means the Taj Mahal will no longer be ringed by turquoise plastic Porta-Potties but have indoor toilets. This artist's rendition shows the classic building with a new sewage vent stack at each corner.

NEW DELHI, India -- The government of Narendra Modi has identified 10 iconic places to observe international standards of cleanliness with the help of the World Bank.

The government is also drafting operating procedures (SOP) to ensure cleanliness and waste management at 10 national parks and tiger reserves, though no one has stepped forward to take charge of nagging tigers about washing paws after each trip to the lavatory. "We have stepped up to the plate to ensure, with the help of the World Bank, that the plate is clean," said Parameswaran Iyer of the Ministry of Drinking Water. He was hard put to explain what problem the initiative would solve, as no one vacations in India expecting it to be clean in the first place.

Mr Iyer said that any farm animals and elephants who wander through the markets will be required to wear diapers. "We are going to make these tourist destinations so clean that you could eat off the ground," as most residents already do. The initiative is part of Prime Minister Modi's Swatch Mission initiative, which seeks to put a wristwatch on every wrist, although the rest of the world is turning to mobile devices, which incidentally cannot be imported into the suddenly free-market nation. Mr Modi is turning to popular soaps to promote the Swatch campaign, especially now that it has made a sharp turn into the realm of cleanliness.

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