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Images disappearing and reappearing rapidly on Uncyclopedia

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 09:51:59 (UTC)

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6 November 2006

Problems playing this file? You might be a dope.

This is what kind of images users saw when accessing any Uncyclopedia page, although other blank squares were white on some computer screens.

The Internet, USA -- Something very strange has happened on popular website Uncyclopedia and related websites and pages -- pictures are refusing to load. Whenever one clicks on the blank squares where the pictures should be, and then clicks on the link to the image itself, one will be directed to a Cannot Find Server page. Police are investigating what may have caused this incident. Officer Krupkee had this to say, "Something is definitely wrong, but we don't know what it is. Probably a busy server if anything. But it may be due to the recent failure of Kevin Federline's debut album. Whoo boy, that was a stinkbomb! That album is the reason why I am half-deaf."

It started Sunday around 3 P.M. Central Standard Time when Uncyclopedian PF4Eva (Pronounced Pee-Eff-Foreva) accessed the famed website looking for a good laugh; what he got was a total lack of images, save for the Uncylopedia and UnNews logos. Only one or two images were able to load, and then when PF4Eva went back to the pages, the images refused to reload. "They told me to get a life," PF4Eva said of the unloaded images. "I told them to..." The rest of this article cannot be printed for reasons unknown.

Some Uncyclopedians believe that this was caused by a black hole, which caused a glitch in QVFD. Others believe that This Guy is responsible. Liberals blame this incident on President Bush, stating, "Bush doesn't want so-called 'stupid poopyheads' on Uncyclopedia making him look bad. In fact, he hated the UnNews article in which he stops campaigning after realizing that the upcoming election is not for President."

The government denies these claims. But they have put Uncyclopedia images on the Endangered Species List until the pages load. But strange goings on have happened since this story broke.

At 5:01 P.M. Sunday, images of a black hole and some guy named Johnny finally loaded. Then all of the other photos loaded properly. Then a few of them still didn't load. Donald Rumsfeld commented on this browser glitch at 5:12 P.M. Sunday, stating, "This is a threat to national security. We will find the culprit and then bring him to justice." President Bush has been busy trying to recreate photos by drawing them in red crayon on his monitor.

In a related incident, a glitch is making it very difficult to add bold and italics on pages without bolding or italicizing the wrong words. Rumsfeld and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are getting to the bottom of this.

Stay tuned to UnNews for more details as this story develops.

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