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Iceland rumored hiding in the Fiji islands

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 20:31:59 (UTC)

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1 August 2006

edit Breaking Update

FIJI - Yesterday, a bizarre tragedy occured, which frightened Canada, Greenland, and made Finland shit its pants. It was true that Iceland disappeared, world left in shock. As reported yesterday by UnNews, Iceland disapearred from the North Atlantic Basin without any notice.

Geographers, Geologists, and Atlantis hunters worldwide agree that nobody saw this coming. Sven, of Finland and a lifetime searcher of Atlantis, said, "oh wow!"

An ad hoc commission of the United Nations with NATO came together to create the first world task force to search for an entire country. As a first order of business they ordered lunch and then convened later to discuss who got the biggest chair.

Early reports came in to the commission and led them to the Fiji Islands. All the way to the middle of the Pacific was the new focal point of all military efforts. The ad hoc commision, acted quickly and pulled all resources to the Fijis. Israel objected because they would no longer have good targets for target practice.

However, on arriving in Fiji the residents were happy to see everyone. But nobody knew anything about Iceland. No evidence of Iceland ever appeared on satellite photos of the Fiji island region. Only one piece of evidence was washed to shore on one of the Fiji islands.

As the sun set in flaming glory, the Pacific waves lapped onto the endless sands of Fiji. A viking hat washes ashore and is found by a little island boy. The mystery is set, why was Iceland here? Why did it leave so quickly?

Iceland, oh Iceland where are you? The world misses you!

edit Sources

  • Yuri of the former KGB
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