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Hot free ass porn now taxed by Congress

Who knew The Onion® had a retarded stepbrother?

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 14:14:59 (UTC)

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30 April 2007

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Some Porn

Washington, DC – In the latest attempt to fund the Iraq war in Iraq, and possibly extend the Iraq war into Iran, Bush has put a request to Congress to tax Hot Free Ass Porn. Some unknown cabinet member, that currently isn’t in trouble for anything, announced this in an ad-hoc press meeting last Saturday morning during cartoon time. Unfortunately, the President was busy and could not make the announcement himself.

The strangely unknown cabinet member explained the need for the tax as important, "since we’ve scraped the bottom of all the barrels so to speak," but Halliburton still won’t put up a dime. "We believe the tax on Hot Free Ass Porn will be lucrative enough to fund several wars, oh yeah!"

After several years of research of Hot Free Ass Porn, the OMB decided it may be more than a passing fad and may be a sustainable and taxable business for years to come. The Hot Free Ass Porn Industry seems to have an unending source of Hot Free Ass. Some wall street speculators believe that the Iraq war itself may be driving the Hot Free Ass Porn demand due to the soldiers that have not been getting the R&R promised by this administration.

According to Market Analysts, Hot Free Ass Porn may be limited from year to year, but there does not seem to be a terminal point of the supply in the years to come. Also, and even though the year to year supply of Hot Free Ass Porn is limited, currently supply seems to meet demand—simply meaning there are no supply or demand shortages.

"What all this means," says Ima Aspburger—an analyst for Merril Lynch, "is that because of the steady flow of Hot Free Ass Porn, the Whitehouse views this as a steady and reliable revenue source for now and in the following months to come."

Cheney had this remark, "I told Halliburton to buy into Hot Free Ass Porn, but they wouldn’t listen to me. As I recall, that was right about the time I shot my friend in the face."

Next week, in an initiative to show their interest in Hot Free Ass, Congress will put the Hot Free Ass Porn Tax Resolution up for vote.

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