Hockey says G20 is on power play

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Friday, October 19, 2018, 06:24:59 (UTC)

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16 November 2014

Tuukka Rask

The Australian treasurer, in the business suit in which he attends international finance meetings. The water bottle is on top of the net during negotiations.

BRISBANE, Australia -- Australian treasurer Joe Hockey said on Sunday the G20 nations will boost growth by 2 percentage points over then next five years.

Economists at UnNews state that this works out to an imperceptible 0.4 percentage points of growth each year. They are unable to state, "compared to what." They did not know how Australia achieved the effect, nor did Mr. Hockey specify, but they noted that, if Australia would do it ten times over, it might turn into something perceptible.

Moreover, like the rest of the world, these staff economists were unaware that Australia had a treasurer named Joe Hockey in the first place. Nor could they contemplate what would happen if the economics "boys" get "chippy" down on the ice (of which There Isn't Any in Australia), and least of all what will happen if the respective economies fall short of the target and Mr. Hockey should "drop the gloves."

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