Hitler Invades Uncyclopedia IRC

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Friday, October 19, 2018, 06:49:59 (UTC)

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1 November 2006

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Heil Hitler!

Uncyclopedia, Teh Intarwebz: The Uncyclopedia IRC was in thrown into tumult yesterday evening, when a surprise Hitler invasion devastated the still and peaceful waters of #uncyclopedia - "Still piss on a paper plate" as Severian once put it - causing a widespread disturbance that continued for an unexpected length of time; leaving many present shocked, speechless and considering legal action.

All active users were "forced" by a user going by the moniker of Olipro to take part in the mass salutation of the famous war leader, and Hitler's name reached the top space in the Most Used Words list in the stats. Reporters are unsure what the precise motive of this sabotaging attack was, however, many notable psychoanalysts feel this can be attributed to the mind of a highly disturbed psyche combined with a neo-nazism fetish and possibly a dislike of privacy invasion caused by the logging.

As a result, Users interspersed the word "Hitler" randomly throughout their sentences for the best part of 3 hours, and numerous and potentially promising newbies were scared off on the assumption that they had accidentally entered #hitler_youth. Many users also addresssed their fellow correspondents as "Hitler" and prefaced their sentences with the word and hence creating something of a popular new meme.

Hitler Invasion

A small portion of the insanity.

The invasion continued from 8:30 to 10:00pm, Greenwich Mean Time, with a large number of users affected on-and-off by the craze. An after-effect appears to have been a fondness for sudden use of the german language, although this did not occur during the invasion itself and often happens in the channel anyway.

The event was finally ended when the bot was forcibly removed from the room, hence rendering the utterances pointless; although they did continue for a brief period of time whilst a number of users were informed of this revelation, with some even desperately clinging to the hope that they were making a valid contribution.

During its short lifetime, the Hitler invasion cost hundreds of years of encyclopedic progress and the sanity of thousands of respectable users. Some have even gone as far to speculate that IRC may never be the same again, even though it is now for all intents and purposes back to normal.
The main site was not affected in the slightest, and no-one will ever remember what happened the next morning. This renders this article totally useless. Ah well.

Although the true cranial origins of the madness remain unknown, sources pointed out that it is allegedly All Olipro's Fault. It usually tends to be...

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