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15 February 2010

White house beers

Replicas of the historic beer bottles donated by Professor Henry Louis Gates to the Smithsonian Institution.

WASHINGTON D. C. -- The historic "let's sit down and have a beer" summit at the White House on July 30, 2009 has been honored and enshrined in the form of a Black History Month exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution. The central exhibit features the three beer bottles drunk by the parties present, when a significant breakthrough in American race relations took place.

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, who launched this whole kerfuffle by telling a policeman to "kiss my black ass", told UnNews, "I knew this thing would take on a life of its own, since I'm a good friend of Barack's (Obama). I grabbed up those beer bottles as soon as they were empty, for posterity, you understand. I deny rumors that I was casting for a big payoff by auctioning them on Ebay."

Gates donations are shown front and center, among a panoply of paraphernalia and detritus collected since the beginning of the American Civil Rights movement. One section features a display of 137 cigarette butts, discarded after being smoked by such notables as Malcolm X and Rosa Parks.

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