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Hillary corrals reporters

Democracy Dies with Dignity

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 05:34:59 (UTC)

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8 July 2015

Hillary behind the lines

Hillary smiles as the cattle are led to slaughter.

GORHAM, New Hampshire -- Hillary Clinton raised eyebrows here by using a rope line to wall off reporters during an Independence Day parade.

New Hampshire has the first-in-the-nation Presidential Primary despite being whiter, poorer, and more buck-toothed than the rest of the nation, and otherwise totally unrepresentative, because its campaigns provide a personal look at the candidates. Hillary visited for the July Fourth weekend to meet with grass-roots organizers, including those in the grass roots of the Service Employees International Union, the grass roots of the new federal Health Choices Administration, and the grass roots of the Saudi royal family, though all their grass is actually Field Turf.

State Republican Party chief Jennifer Horn expressed horror at the treatment, which she said "continues to demonstrate obvious contempt and disdain for our grass-roots campaigning." She threatened to write another op-ed on how everyone should get along with President Obama, repeat the dippy "reach-across-the-aisle" campaign in 2016, or again let Democrats help pick the Speaker of the Republican state House.

However, Hillary spokesman Nick Merrill told CNN, "While the GOP may want to spin a good yarn on this, let’s not get tied up in knots," suggesting that a Hillary presidency will surpass even Obama spokesperson "Josh" "Earnest" in levity. On a serious note, he called the barrier part of the signature "spontaneity" of the Hillary campaign — which made it unnecessary to exclude non-union citizens from this particular availability — and claimed that the moving corral for the reporters was to ensure Hillary closer access to voters and not just to puns.

He suggested that it can wait until after Inauguration Day to move the public to the same stock pen to ensure Hillary closer access to donors, contributors, and bundlers. Ever since the roll-out of Hillary-care as First "Lady" in 1993, the touchstone of Hillary's public life has been enlightened herd management. Merrill warned that a Hillary administration might need more than delicate white strings as the livestock is led closer to slaughter.

George Stephanopoulus told ABC that "the Clinton campaign sees the press, in some ways, as their major opponent," and he is as neutral as they get, being both a member of the press and a donor. Nevertheless, although reporters flooded blogs and Twitter with flak on her disrespect of the flacks, they barely mentioned it in their "news" dispatches, and obediently stayed behind the line rather than approach "Her Nibs" or ask tough questions.

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