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(AP NEWS - ORLANDO, FL) Former U.S. President Bill Cosby was arrested in Orlando yesterday by federal authorities after he Bombed Disney World. Cosby Bombed all of Disney World, Killing the over 10 million people who live there. Cosby allegedly used a Hydrogen Bomb that he bought through the Black Market to Bomb Disney World. All that is left of Disney World now is Ruins and Nuclear Fallout. "I have had enough of these Fucking Faggots trying to rule the World with their goddamn Mickey Mouse. I'm gonna feed Mickey and Minnie to a Fucking Cat. That Cat is gonna want eat them little Mice for lunch. Fucking right my Nigga. Yo, don't Nobody be touchin' my Ribs, Nigga, DON'T NOBODY BE TOUCHIN' EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cosby is being held in a special Jail Cell at Miami International Airport. He is scheduled to be flown to a Concentration Camp in rural Iraq for punishment for his Bombings. Cosby, who spoke under the blue painted Jail Cell Bars underneath Miami International Airport, said to reporters: "I'm gonna get the Fuck out of Iraq and Bomb the White House. And once I do, I'm gonna move into it and call it The BLACK House. I'm gonna be President again you Fucking Honkey piece of Faggot Dogshit." Cosby reportedly threw a corrosive Acid over the Reporter's Face which made it look like a chopped up piece of Cardboard." The Reporter died soon afterwards. Cosby is being flown to the Concentration Camp in rural Iraq tomorrow morning.

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