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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 02:52:59 (UTC)

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9 June 2013


KABUL: Coalition battalion surrenders to boy with bazooka

  • Nelson Mandela is breathing in spite of Robben Island
  • Outrage at no pictures of missing Mandela


  • Obama: No one gives a hoot about you! Michelle fumes
  • Rice: Protect protection, not liberate Liberty!
  • Does hamster porn outweigh Internet security concerns?
  • Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia personally irate about being spied on
  • NSA: What don’t you need to keep to your self?


  • Report: Benghazi clashes cause Syria arms shipment delay: denied
  • 100,000 missing in Santa Monica suitcase nuke spoofery
  • U.S., Chinese forge ‘New World Order + China’ Pact
  • Syria‘s Qusayr off-limits to foreign AIDS
  • Syria fighting rages near Golan: 347 terrorists survive
  • South, North Korea to hold talks some day
  • Unknown number survive Iraq bombing from 100 miles away
  • Gravity is object of Paris Hilton's frustration
  • Texas person arrested, released without charges or apology
  • Erdogan defends slaughter of own grandchildren
  • Serena Williams skips French Open for holiday with David Blaine
  • Bocce ball: Colombia holds Argentina responsible for victory
  • Absolute Truth reaches Bollywood, fizzles out
  • Tennis: Nadal weds Billie Jean in boring same sex marriage
  • Golf: Top three bimbos reunite with Tiger at U.S. Open


  • World's fastest second fastest man loses race
  • Jumbo Jet collides with Cloud Computer, 0 fatalities
  • Life-coach radio host botches own suicide
  • UK to pay Kenyan colonial-era fighters at colonial-era exchange rates
  • Russia's Putin says sex life has never been better


  • Woman in red dress: It‘s not the dress; it’s about me!
  • Why Sunni-Shia conflict is getting goddamn laborious
  • Samsung tops Apple with nuclear megaphone
  • Xi in U.S.: Will Michelle behave?
  • Like father, Paris Jackson seriously fucked up
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