Harry Potter marries Miss Marple

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Sunday, January 20, 2019, 03:01:59 (UTC)

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19 May 2018


One of Harry Potter´s epic failures to grab a girl for himself.

WINDSOR, England -- Prince Harry Potter, sorcerer in chief of modern literature, finally married his congenial literary female fighter for the good, Miss Meghan Marple -aka - the Granny Sleuth, shortly after he accidentally had spirited his first wife Ginny Weasley away into the harem of an unknown Arab sheik who won't give her back no more. The age gap between the couple - Potter is now in his early 20s and Marple is closer to 90 - has not been an issue.


Country Clods.

Jack Thorne, Potter expert, thinks that Harry will profit from Jane Marple's extraordinary investigative talent. She'll give a push to his career as officer in the Magical Law Enforcement task force. Even the Queen and Prince Philip, her husband, attended the magic marriage ceremony in St. George's Chapel of Windsor Castle, because they are fans of Father Brown who spoke the fiery sermon.

The couple left on a tandem broom for their honeymoon somewhere over the rainbow. The Queen of Jam Tarts has made the couple the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as she is expecting a lot of new grand children.