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Hardy Boys Latest Mystery Takes Their Virginity

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 11:40:59 (UTC)

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29 June 2008

Hardy boys

Their latest edition.

BAYPORT, New York - Frank and Joe Hardy (aka: The Hardy Boys) have met yet another challenging mystery, this time involving spying not on criminals but instead on naked women. The cover of their new story shows them spying down on Chet's girlfriend, Daphne. Chet, a friend of the Hardy's, doesn't know about these "snoopings", and probably never will. The brothers, using their sneakiness and sluething skill have spyed on nearly every girl in the county.

"I get turned on and I love it," says 18 year old Frank. Frank, along with his brother have solved the toughest crime mysteries, now it's time to solve one question: Who's the hottest girl in Bayport? Like a typical Hardy Boys book, they run into trouble such as being caught by girls' parents and being late for dinner made by the old hag Aunt Gertrude. Recieving a gold old tongue lashing, (the boys have no cell phones to take away) they are sent off to their room until the next "clue" turns up.

Once more the boys have to travel, but this time it is only in Bayport instead of out-of-state. Moving from house to house they go, looking for the answer to their desperate mystery.

The boys also use high-tech stuff, like small cameras on the tip of their shoes that look up girl's skirts and X-ray vision goggles for you-know-what. Yes, the Hardy Boys go from their traditional goody-good ways to becoming the perverted bad boys from down the lane. Their friend Tony Prito also joins them in this book of 25 chapters, and eventually it turns into a giant orgy at a girl slumber party where the Hardys and Prito are dicovered spying on the girls' lebian pussy-licking.

Chapter 17, the most action packed of ten chapters involves 3 houses, 6 girls fucked in only 2 hours, all with a small load all over them (the Hardys have tiny dicks). "My favorite chapter for sure," says Joe hardy. So in the latest edition of Hardy Boys (#2,765), the hardys go bad in this sex filled, lesbian looted, girl spying novel! The book critics love it all and recommend it to any one. Buy it today at a store near you for the tiny price of $10.99!

edit Source

Franklin W. Dixon "Gay Hardy Boys". Hardys, Inc., 29 June 2008

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