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23 July, Britain - A racist guard dog named Bruce has been seized by the British police force for questioning. The dog has been charged with several charges of racism, including an instance in which the dog attacked a black man with no given reason. The police have seized the dog for a court trial.
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Those are the eyes of a killer.

Bruce, 3, had trained his whole life to be a guard dog. After successfully completing guard dog college he had been sent to work for a rich millionaire. When he saw a black man innocently delivering newspapers to the house at 3 AM while nobody was home, the dog revealed his racist side and pounced on the man, nearly killing him.

The dog, trained as a guard dog, has made this statement: "The guy was breaking into the house. And he wasn't even black, his face was just painted.", although this has raised further questions about the dog's racist tendencies. "I had no idea my dog was like that." said the dog's owner.

The dog's trial is set to begin at 4:00 PM, 24th July.

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