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Governor Walker blocks Uncyclopedia from state Capitol

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 11:13:59 (UTC)

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23 February 2011
MADISON, Wisconsin In a not-so-startling turn of events today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has blocked Uncyclopedia and, more specifically, UnNews from viewing in the state capitol of Madison. The news came to us at UnNews when an anonymous user reported numerous difficulties in accessing his watchlist, citing his Governor as the source of all of the problems. When asked for evidence to back up his conclusion, he gave us only this quote:

Scott Walker = Hitler Squared

An anonymous user's artistic interpretation of Governor Scott Walker.

He's worse than Hitler. Like, if Hitler fucked Hitler and had a baby, that would be Scott Walker.

While to most this would be taken in purely mathematical terms (the square root of Scott Walker being Hitler, of course), the clear motivation of this user's disdain is his fear that Wisconsin will turn into Cairo, and he will be left without Facebook for weeks on end.

The Governor's reaction is most likely due to the hard hitting reporting put forth by UnNews recently, in the wake of recent rioting and mass police brutality and murder over a bill proposing cuts in the rights of public workers in Wisconsin, in the name of defeating the budget deficit the state has built up through years of bounced checks written. Governor Walker hopes to defeat the deficit by not paying UnNews journalists to write good things about him, and to not pay teachers to educate children statewide.

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