Gore says "Canada full of fraud"

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Sunday, November 18, 2018, 00:59:59 (UTC)

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29 April 2007
Ex-US vice president and ex-almost president Al Gore announced that Canada's newly and flirtatiously-referred-to environmental plan was full of fraud. "Your government wants to steal your money and give it to the polluters who came up with the plan!" Gore told Canadians yesterday (or maybe it was a couple of days ago---sorry, we've been watching the Canucks and Ducks, you know?). "They even used their trademark phrase 'intensity reduction', which was taken straight from the high-polluting tanning-salon industry. Don't let these greedy corporate types pull the moose fur over your eyes!"

Canadian Minister of the Environment John Baird refuted Gore's announcement. "It was probably propaganda, eh?", he said, "though that's just, you know, my opinion." He said that Canada's environmental plan was "as strong and practical as a down-filled parka and a pair of mukluks."

"I mean, this guy just wants everyone to move to America, eh?" Baird said. "Don't worry. Our plan is---or I should say it will be, eventually, when we actually tell you what it is---a lot better than the Bush Administration plan, which means it could be just about anything. Beauty, eh?"

The Canadian environmental plan was non-existent not available for comment, but as soon as anyone actually has an idea what it is, someone will probably, like, read it and comment on it, eh?

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