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Girl's iPod explodes, Apple refuses to refund money

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 06:53:59 (UTC)

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3 August 2009

Europe, United Kingdom, Liverpool


Daddy my iPod exploded! Can we get a refund?

An 11 year old girl was playing her iPod her father bought her, when suddenly it exploded. Her father tried to get a refund from Apple, but not only did Apple refuse the refund they tried to cover it up and silence the father and his daughter.

It turns out they had gotten an iPod model meant for the Middle-East the iExplode model. Steve Jobs is half Syrian and wanted to help his cousin with a problem he had in the Middle-East and thus the exploding iPod the iExplode was designed.

Normally iPods don't do that, and someone tried to submit an app that did that, but Apple refused claiming the feature was being duplicated.

Apple claims that this is a trade secret that the public should not know about and had a court issue a gag order not to talk about it. But we at UnNews report the truth.

Eventually Apple offered a refund but would not accept liability, and said if the father or daughter reported the incident they would be sued and criminal charges would be filed against them. The father of course refused, because he is an Engineer and knows this should not happen and he is not signing away his rights and his daughter's rights for money.

Bloggers had reported exploding iPods and so far there have been 14 cases reported. But Apple denies this. One boy had an iPod explode on his leg and burn it. But this is not over, nobody knows how many other exploding iPods exist out there and who has them.

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