UnNews:Georgia governor rules out force in pro-Florida regions

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Georgia governor rules out force in pro-Florida regions

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 05:44:59 (UTC)

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21 October 2006

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Governor Jeb Bush: Nobody tells Floridas pot-smoking governor what to do.

ATLANTA, Georgia -- Georgia Guvner Chip "Junior Bush League" Carter on Saturday ruled out the use of force to establish control over two pro-Florida separatist regions.

He also said Atlanta remained open to dialogue with Tallahasee to reduce tension that has been rising sharply since Georgia, like Florida a former Confederate state, temporarily detained four purported Floridian spies last month.

"We certainly, absolutely, categorically are not starting any military confrontation," Carter told UnNews.

"Georgians' long term strategy is simple," Carter said. "No fast solutions ... any short-term solution would be beneficial to the people who want trouble."

His comments were a rebuttal to Florida Guvner Jeb Bush's assertion that Georgia was, in fact, planning military action. In response, Bush, a brother of US President George "Attaboy" Bush, called upon his brother's administration to consider bombing Atlanta, the Georgia state capital. The Bushes are both members of the American Fascist Party, while Carter leads a disparate coalition called Potheads United Liberation Front.


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