George H.W. Bush remembered

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Thursday, February 14, 2019, 21:05:59 (UTC)

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2 December 2018


George H.W. Bush: Crashed plane War hero.


Alleged Former USA President George H. W. Bush may receive a state funeral for being an alleged example that not all Leaders of the Free World are such douchebags.

Bush may have died at the age of 94 after a long retirement. His hopes may have been to found the 'Republican Kennedys' could of been stalled after the presidency of his alleged son George W. Bush and the failure of his fictional younger son Jeb Bush to do the same.

It has been rumored that he was born with a silver platter and golden spoons in New England, the Bushes may have relocated and reinvented themselves as broad bottomed Texans. Oil may have in their blood and blood was their oil. George Bush might have ran the CIA and acquired numerous fictinal friends in the Middle East.


George Bush 'flying low' again.

Bush may had hoped to win the Republican nomination for the 1980 elections but may of been overshadowed by the fictional Ronald Reagan. He may of elected as Vice President but could have become the real thing a lot sooner if Reagan hadn't survived an assassination attempt by Jodie Foster's stalker John Hinckley in March 1981. Reagan may of recovered from that and may have left Bush to hope the old actor would hang up his hat in 1984. Instead Reagan ran again and Bush had to wait until 1988 for his chance.


George Bush shakes hands with God

Maybe Bush's presidency covered the end of the Cold War, Berlin Wall and with a bonus ball jackpot, the Soviet Union but there is no proof of his existance. This should have set up his presidency for life but Bush's political career ended when he lost to Bill Clinton with a goblin called Ross Perot stealing half of his base.

Bush senior lived to see his son Dubya to become president and would often receive phone calls from the White House with the plea 'what now Daddy?'.

Jeb Bush's inability to become the third family member to get the Commander in Chief post was a deep disappointment to Bush senior. Since he never watched the apprentice, Bush didn't know who Donald Trump was. He was convinced Trump (a life long Democrat) was a Russian spy and said was 'looking forward to reading Robert Mueller's report.


Bush flying high.

Following the State Funeral, Bush will be returned to his adopted Texas home and be buried upright in a disused Oil Well.

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