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Gays vs Tits

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 03:50:59 (UTC)

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27 October 2009


"I don't understand, why can't I have tits?"

Washington D.C., current site of dismal mayhem and anarchy. The country formerly called the United States of Republicans, is now touting a new name: Untied Stated of Anarchy. Thats correct friends and lovers, a new dawning of decadent ilk has swamped the lands of the free and the brazen. The words mutttered in the dusty breeze, "Ann Coulter is no longer our Jesus," can be heard in every dingy back alley and Congress.


This is a booby, just in case you didn't know what boobies look like. You probably do, but this pic is here just to make sure. Also, this article is about tits.

Once again FoxNews has swung its fallic symbol out into the breeze in bright shiny and gay fashion. In a desperate attempt to create 'street cred', FoxNews attempted to produce a completely fake Gay rights protest. They claimed that several buildings, including the Whitehouse, were set to flames and burned to a crisp by a supposed billion flamer march that in reality never existed.

Luckily, UnNews' super watchdog group, the people that UnNews writers turn for absolutism, you know who I'm talking about friends and lovers, yes thats right; The Daily Show openly and internationally exposed FoxNews as a bullshit news organization by exposing that nonexistent protest of fruits. The Daily Show also, vehemently accused the news channel of not coughing up any pictures or film footage of the their incident.

Of course this reminds me of the Great Tit protest of Washington D.C. that occurred just this month and was covered exclusively by UnNews. Apparently FoxNews was jealous and thought they could manufacture their own queer protest. The main fact is that UnNews coverage of the US capitol spawned new legislation and caused billions of people world wide to write to UnNews to ask how they could help the capitol with their sagging tits problem. This fact created heated problems for all desk jockeys at FoxNews.

Guy with Boobs

QUIT IT!! RIGHT NOW!! You're just confusing the issues!!

When it comes to protest, bigger is always better, an adage that tit-lovers worldwide know by heart. Is it punitive to merely compare the sizes of the protests? We at UnNews say no, and despite any of the arguments, and to lastly settle any further disputes, it is a simple fact that everybody loves tits.

Lastly, we shake our finger at you, FoxNews, shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

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The author may not or may have pulled some or all of this article out of his ass. But lastly, no one can make any determination whether or not any or all of the events in this article, including the fall of King Bush, at any point in time really ever related to something that may or may not have existed even to people in the the real world who pretend to make things happen when really they never did even though its reality and its supposed to, there was no guarantee that exclusivisity was maintianed whether implied or expressly written by any penquins on the South Pole ever existed in any form, including, but not limited to chemical, musical, and/or surreal. We at UnNews apologize for nothing, because nobody cares.

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