UnNews:Gay alien clown from outer space invades Earth, demands pancakes. Millions feared dead.

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26 March 2007


The horror continues on the east coast

USA Horror erupted from the skies today as a ginormous gay homosexual clown being invaded Earth, demanding pancakes.

"I WANT PANCAKES" the huge poofter clown was reported to say, as he possibly inadvertently crushed several people underfoot.

A survey of world leaders confirmed that nobody found this clown to be funny. Because of the being's huge size, it is feared that the making of an appropriately huge pancake, let alone pancakes, may be beyond reasonable possibility. Attempts by the military to destroy the being were met with failure, as the being would simply side-step any ordnance fired and would then trounce the forces, yelling "DON'T ASK DON'T TELL IS WRONG"

At press time the United Nations, relocated to Neil's after the building was unexpectedly demolished by the clown, was discussing the logistics of getting a huge-ass amount of maple syrup together.

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