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Game of Blame sees world leaders gather in Northern Ireland

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 13:42:59 (UTC)

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16 June 2013


Not enough of this disappointed world leaders at the Game of Blame meeting.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland

At the international Game of Blame meeting, The Illuminati behind the series have agreed to increase the world supply of bare breasts to help maintain the show's popularity and increase the productivity of hormones in young men for 2013-2014.

In a drafty castle, located by the shore of Belfast's docks, a packed meeting of Kings, Queens, political charlatans, financial wizards, the walking dead, eastern dragons and US President Barack Obama, agreed Series 33 was down on the 'bare nipple score' this year. He put this down to the loss of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from the cast a few years back.

Speaking without an autocue and looking directly into a burning fire, Obama said the recent season had been a disappointment and added that he hoped to close Caste Dreadfort soon.

None of us like seeing men getting teased, tortured and castrated but I can tell, boy do you get some interesting results from that type of interrogation. I personally don't agree to extreme violence but it fitted the story line as I understood it.

Opening the first session, British Prime Minister David Cameron in the guise of Ser Toryistan in a full chain mail tuxedo made a full costume entrance. With him came his wife, Lady Samantha Cameron, dressed in fire tender red and carrying a box of leeches as private entertainment. Cameron said:-

I like many in the United Kingdom were disappointed that Season Thirty Three of 'Game of Blame' was such a disappointment this year. I know that once the boxed set comes up later this year, all those elements we saw in the previous series will be on full display. I was uncomfortable performing nude with Angela and Francois but when you have no viable economic policies or good lines to speak, just letting it all hang out there can distract an audience no end.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin held their own talks off camera and in a bear pit.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said his nudity didn't bother him and his regular bare chested bear hunting expeditions had garnered him a lot of support down the years. He did agree the 'baboobskas' were thin this year. His Canadian counterpart - Ser Cypher Harper said he enjoyed the frozen north love scenes between Jon Snow and that girl with the irritating accent. Closing the first session, Barack Obama tried to summarise the group's verdict.

I do regret that we had fewer boobs this year but I promise next year will be different. I am sure we all miss Silvio Berlusconi's input and exposure this year but I am sure next year will see a return to form for the G8."

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