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GLAAD demands apology from WoW Kid for defamation

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 18:09:59 (UTC)

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20 August 2009

GLAAD (Gays and Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation) has called out the WoW kid of YouTube fame to apologize for homophobic remarks he made towards his little brother. The remarks were recorded and put up on YouTube only hours after the confrontation.

In the video, the WoW kid repeatedly calls his brother a "fag". GLAAD has also demanded the video be removed from YouTube and from the Internet.

Writes Rashad Robinson, GLAAD's senior directors of media programs, "The usage of this slur by someone of such notoriety on the online community cultivates a mood of hate and tension all over the world. Not only that, but it also gives us a reason to stay in the media cycle."

The WoW kid has yet to respond but when confronted by his brother has replied, "I don't CARE what you think!" He then tried to use a brick to smash the camera but failed even to break the lens cap.

In related news, SUAD (Squirrels United Against Defamation) has called out the brother on remarks he made on the same video (where the brother taunted the WoW kid with calls of "squirrel boy".)

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