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French pensioners riot

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 21:00:59 (UTC)

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24 March 2006

Paris:France - Another day of protests by French pensioners have ended in violence. The pensioners have taken to the streets in protest against a proposed new law that would allow all women over the age of 75 to be killed without any explanation being given. The French Government proposed the law in response to last year's tea-cake riots and the growing concern that the nation is over-populated.

IMG 0799

The rioters approach the police cordon

Police attempts to break up the demonstrations were met by a violent barrage of baguettes and tea. The 14th Army Regiment stationed on the south side of Paris were called to provide re-enforcements, but had already surrounded to a 94 year-old bus conductor and his pet brick who were walking past the barracks.

The French Government has announced that it is preparing surrender terms to the protesters and is considering whether or not to impose sanctions on Belarus, although at present no agreement is in site. Concerned over a repeat of the protests tomorrow, the Prime Minister Fred Bear has blown up part of a University campus at Mulhouse in the east of France.

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