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Free UnNews accused of plagiarism

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 23:54:59 (UTC)

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24 January 2013


Wikia Overlord Jimbo Wales earning money on this article

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UnNews Senior Editors are currently spilling coffee on this related article:

UnNews sues Wikinews for plagiarism

Evil Wikia Headquarters San Francisco, USA -- In a not particularly shocking revelation, charges of plagiarism have been levied against a correspondent at Free UnNews, the UnNews service of Free Uncyclopedia. The unidentified correspondent, working under the alias of "TheCopyleftViolator," has reportedly posted several stories on Free UnNews without proper attribution, violating the creative commons license. Some have attributed this article theft to Free UnNews's lower level of productivity relative to UnFree UnNews. Others, however, assert that is one guy being, quote, "hella stupid."

One UnFree UnNews correspondent was very disappointed by how the situation was handled by the leadership of Free Uncyclopedia. "Free uncyc. addressed by complaints of copyleft violations is very swift, mature, and professional manner. The offending articles were removed quickly and without drama, and the copyleft violator was banned from the site. I was hoping Free Uncyclopedia would engage in more juvenile behavior. The incident barely made our competitors look petty and lazy, and I hardly had any time to gloat before the issue was resolved."

Another correspondent was equally dismayed, "Of the dozen or so UnNews articles I created since the split, why did they choose to copy the only one not related to my sexual fetishes? If I remember correctly, Free Uncyclopedia was formed because evil Wikia was censoring boobs and cocks. Yet, for some reason, an article in which the narrator causally implies his desire to stick his penis in Jessica Simpson's pregnant navel is somehow 'creepy'. I call that double standards."

UnFree News vowed revenge for this lack of immaturity, "We find Free Uncyclopedia's refusal to unilaterally escalate this issue both disappointing and unamusing. We will respond in kind by failing to engage in any petty immaturity in the future."

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