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Founder of BRIC acronym refuses to add a trailing S

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 06:52:59 (UTC)

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4 January 2011

Jim O'Neill

Jim O'Neill sitting down in a Chair

NEW YORK CITY -- Jim O'Neill, the Manager of Chairs and Asses at Goldman Sachs, had to spend a day working in the middle of his holiday vacation.

This was due to China (the C of the BRIC) informing South Africa that the acronym should get a trailing S.

Mr. O'Neill started with a short intro: "Many people are asking me about my views on this development. Here they are, briefly."

Mr. O'Neill, being the founder of the BRIC acronym, went on to write a thousand page memo on how mad he was at not being informed about this, how he doesn't like being disturbed in the middle of his holiday vacation, and that he was supposed to manage Chairs and Asses and not sit his own Ass down in a Chair to write a brief statement.

"When I created the acronym, I had not expected that a political club of the leaders of the BRIC countries would be formed as a result."

After explaining why he had been mad about this for years and years, he finally got to explaining why S shouldn't trail BRIC:

"It is tough to see how South Africa matches up to the BRIC countries, it is not entirely obvious to me as to why the BRIC countries should have agreed."

Being a person who demands to be part of any agreements on an acronym he himself founded, he ended his statement with a hint of subtle sarcasm:

"Congratulations to South Africa if it is true, a nice seasonal present."

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