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Fleetwood Mac reuniting for tour next year

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 16:09:59 (UTC)

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12 July 2012


Hope they don't die this year

Silver Springs, USA -- Stevie Nikes has confirmed recently that legendary rock group Fleetwood Mac will be reforming and performing once again - but next year. The passing of former member, Bob Walsh, cast a sombre tone on the group recently but the current members will surely honor Walsh by being alive on his behalf.

Fans of the ever-changing band will be delighted with the news, Fleetwood Mac are famous for breaking up due to shoe-wearing disputes. Stevie Nikes black trainers are a force to be reckoned with and she tells UnNews via Facebook, "Yep, the trainers are still the same ones I wore during the Pumas album, we hope to get back together next year to see if our arguments still work - how did you get my user details? Are you friends with Larry?" I assume she means Larry Hagman? - no I'm not, he's way too "Dallas" for me.

Pumas was a landmark album about a band in the middle of turmoil, who wore shoes of varying styles to annoy one another. Songs from the album: Don't Hop and Never Going Back to Size Ten are favorites of mine. UnNews will no doubt be given backstage passes and we will report on the tour as it happens and probably be carted off by security for breaching the validity of our dangly plastic in that it's "not real".

One hope will be that Peter Groen, the ORIGINAL member of the group, may make a surprise appearance.

Fleetwood Mac formed in 1947, in Amsterdam, Peter Groen added Rick Fleetwood to his lineup and soon Rick took over and got rid of Groen who was addicted to drinking untreated dutch milk. Christine perfect married Rick's friend John McVie and she joined the group along side her new husband with an imperfect name. Later on, Stevie Nikes and Kimberly Sandringham joined, completing the lineup. The rest is rock history.

UnNews sat down with Stevie Nikes after we agreed to stop messaging her on facebook. For the interview, Stevie brought her incense, piano, guitar, cat, bed, books, knitting, hair spray, crochet, art supplies, oxygen tank, beads, feathers and personal druid counsel in the room and promptly rescheduled the interview due to logistics. We telephoned Nikes the next day but gave up on the interview when her psychic, Madam Clara, kept butting in.

We hope to catch Stevie at another date when she least expects it. We have our people working on this.

Go and see Fleetwood Mac if you can! - next year though. They are one of the few legendary bands still together and still know how to argue. This is a crowded reporter for UnNews.

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Fleetwood Mac reuniting for tour next year, reveals Stevie Nicks

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