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Ferrari furious as McLaren releases their stolen fashion models for this year!

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 21:56:59 (UTC)

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3 October 2007

Ferrari responded furiously last night to the decision of the World Motor Sport Council that no action should be taken against McLaren-Mercedes even though the British team were found in breach of regulations because they had in their possession confidential information belonging to Ferrari considering their drivers underwear.

McLaren's chief designer Mike Coughlan was found in possession of 780 pages of underwear photos and drawings belonging to Ferrari including Raikonen's special pink high-speed underwear model.Apparently McLaren used these confidential documents to design new underwear for their own drivers.

In a series of incidents involving wrong underwear McLaren driver Fernando Alonso insisted in wearing red despite his cheef engineers advice.After Ferrari's documents were leaked to Alonso he changed his mind and went to pink.This was later found in his e-mail conversations with engineers: "Alonso how you feel it now?" "It's tight and nice , damn these Ferrari guys really know how to make them!" "So we go with pink , I repeat go with pink?" "Yes ofcourse , pink is the answer , wow , i'm goin like 100 km/h faster in this first curve!"... McLarens second driver Hamilton denies any connection with this affaire because he doesn't use underwear during driving sessions, "It's one of my speed secrets!" said Hamilton.

Following this incident FIA introduced new F1 rule that will be in use next season. "Underwear tightness control and colour shall be standardized for F1 and all teams shall wear same underwear!"

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