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Tupac Shakur found alive in Dubai

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 12:51:59 (UTC)

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1 April 2013


Tupac Shakur seen here posing for a photo.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- Famous Rapper Tupac Shakur was found alive living in 35-story apartment building in Dubai.he was discovered when an American Journalist working for BBC accidentally discovered him while writing a story about life in Dubai."I couldn't believe I saw Tupac Shakur at first I thought he was just another random black guy until I noticed he look Tupac the rapper!I then grabbed my phone and took a picture!" said journalist Michael Booker. News crews responded quickly and stormed the building. As stated, Tupac was living under alias Mohamed Al-Asad and as a worker in a fish market. WE interviewed Former Rapper Tupac on why he had faked his death (Tupac) "While I decided enough was enough everybody wanted me dead even the government so I hired a gunman to shoot me with specially-made bullets filled with red ink and I payed all the doctors and forensics before hand and five days after my death I moved to Dubai in a private jet".So there you have it Tupac was alive all this long.

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