Falling Greek takes fake hit

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Monday, December 10, 2018, 02:45:59 (UTC)

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31 October 2017


Ok, I'll talk now!

WASHINGTON DC, USA -- Trusted Greek in the employ of President Donald Trump has sacrificed himself to defend America against Fake News. Spartan soldier George Papadopoulos took a hit from the horde of Persian soldiers under the perverted leadership of Hillaxerxes and her allies at the Swampland pass. Whilst everyone around him made a strategic retreat in the opposite direction, Papadopoulos bravely sacrificed himself to make Sparta Great Again.

It was an honour to take so many hits for my superiors, said Papadopoulos as he lay on the ground, surrounded by his enemies. I did all I could and a little bit more. I trust my fellow Spartans will remember me forever.

Receiving the news that Papadopoulos was down and that two other of his brave soldiers Paulus Mounteback and Ignoramus had been captured, President Trump gave a lengthy eulogy which read BIGLY SAD.

Late Update from a breathless messenger

Papadopoulos is alive! And he is talking to the Persians!! President Trump has said this is fake news. The Papa is dead.

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