FARK YOU America and Europe, you're ALL faggots!

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Sunday, October 21, 2018, 18:00:59 (UTC)

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23 September 2008

“"America is best we r su gud @ stuff we hve da best spellin n stuff america rulez!"”
~ America on being the 'bestest' country in the 'state'
“"Shut up America, okay? Good. Righteo chaps let's game a good old game of boules happening here, yes"”
~ Europe on being way better then a country that can't spell, punctuate and knows nothing about the world
“ "Would you all shut the fuck up! Your all gay! America doesn't know jack shit about anything. Europe is a fucking posh land full of abnoxious pricks! Go fuck each other, your both losers!"”
~ Australia on America and Europe being total and utter faggots with nothing better to do then annoy eachother
“"Oh no! America is losing the verbal war. I will not take command of the world!”
~ Starscream after America takes a beating from Aussie
“"Starscream was a gay cunt. He's stupid fucking decepticon and always loses. I mean, who would want to be a fucking F-16 fighter jet!? What kind of retarde faggot is starscream!”
~ Australia After shooting and killing starscream and the other unlovable decepticons in the back of head with a paintball gun

Fuck Hannah Montana! That is why you bloody Americans are farkin' dumb!

Right, America and Europe, shut the bloody hell up! You Yanks and Poms are annoying the farkin' world! Give me a break! Seppos. They are a real pain in the arse, right? FAAAAARK YOU SEPPOS! FAAAAAARK YOU POMMIE BASTARDS! Get a farkin' life, mate! Strewth! The arguement should stop! Oz is BETTA than all of you fark farkin' farkin' farker's fark! We play criket betta than Seppoland or Pommyland! And our actresses are more beautiful than ya! You'll wanna root them......

We cook the best barbies- and we don't cook dolls, cunt! We cook beef and lamb! America is Sshithouse. Do ya'll hear? It's shithouse! Sarah Palin is a farkin' tool bitch! Who cares about who is betta! Oz is betta than any country, and we have our own game- Aussie Rules. Aussie Rules! Aussie Rules! Much better than your shithouse gridiron when wussies and cunts play with armour. Come on, that's not a real man! Real men don't wear armour like Americunt sissies!


And our music is ten times better than either of your music! I mean, Kylie Minogue is totally good as, mate.

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Written by British convict's descendant. note: I would rather have sex with the same sex, rather than a different species, thoose poor sheep!

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Hey America! Fuck you, too!

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