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Exhumed drummer's corpse "rocks" half time show

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 02:44:59 (UTC)

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8 February 2010


Never-dead members Daltrey (left) and Townshend (right) with newly reassembled Moon (center) and Entwistle (unimportant)

MIAMI, Florida -- Today's sports culture has made the Super Bowl the Native Americans of the televised athletics world. The thick, juicy meat of the game fills our guts with rampaging action; the commercials, usually seen as having a sort of stringy muscle type texture and taste, are sensationalized and made to be as exciting as the game itself; finally the half time show, often viewed as the inedible bones of the game, is turned into a ten minute rock concert that employs the use of a musician or band that can span many generations.

That is why this year's "bones" were especially true to form. In a rousing set that included some of their greatest hits, including CSI, CSI: Miami and the rarely performed CSI: New York, The Who, this year's intermission entertainment, were reunited for the first time in over 30 years.

"It was really a special moment," said primary song writer Pete Townshend, "seeing Keith up there was amazing. I couldn't believe how much of that ability he still had."

The long road to reuniting the world famous band, which placed 7 albums on Rolling Stone's "Greatest 500 Albums of All-time" list (even though you can only name two, three tops) began in London at Golders Green Crematorium where the arduous process of reassembling drummer Keith Moon's tiny, charred fragments of bone into a working skeleton took 15 months to accomplish.

"It was not easy," said Howard R. Sutcliffe, director of the "Man named Moon" project. "I think we may have put a blackened tooth in his kneecap."

Though there were a great many words of praise for the newly reformed Moon, who could not comment due to malfunctioning/lack of a lower jaw bone, there were as few words spoken about the other newly resurrected band member.

"Yeah, I forgot John was up on stage a couple of times," Townshend admitted. "But then again, that isn't really any different from the old days."

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