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Et Tu Bunga-Bunga?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 21:13:59 (UTC)

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3 August 2013


Wait..wait...I have tickets!

ROME, Italy --

Former Dictator Silvius Berlusconius was retired permanently in the Roman Senate today when his appeal for clemency and 'one last go at the bunga-bunga' was rejected by a show of daggers.

Berlusconius had recently lost his position as Rome's supreme leader when he was discovered with his toga around his ankles in the company of a Carthaginian party girl Rubber Ruby. Caught In flagrante Delicto, a fashionable Italian party resort, Berlusconius claimed he had been offering her advice on financial matters when his clothes suddenly fell off.

This and accusations that Berlusconius had been dipping his hands in the gold bar collection box saw him lose office.


Berlusconius:The last mosaic?

Attempts to convict Berlusconius on this and various charges tied up Rome's legal system for many years. So in an attempt to dispense quick justice, Berlusconius was enticed to return to the senate with promises of 'Jupiter-sized sexual entertainment'. Instead Berlusconius was stabbed to death. His last words were 'Et Tu Bunga-Bunga'?

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